The only time I visit the corner shop now is when I come to meet you. I pickup your favorite chocolates and only then make my way towards your house.

The thoughts I begin to collect of my last visit or of our last conversation, something if necessary to continue with. Most of the time it isn’t required.

I knock and you open the door and your dog barks, you make him quiet and shut him off. ‘Come in don’t sand out there’. You smile and ask me to sit. At a perfectly close distance you sit across me and when beauty so close its hard to get my eyes of it.

Starts of with the usual asking, and like both of us enjoy it, we just keep on talking.

I will admit that there is nobody who makes me laugh like you do. You’re just wonderfully weird.

Of long and short and this over that time chases away the evening and night dawns upon us. I look at my watch and wish if a little late will not be a lot. This then goes on within me for another few restless minutes. I forcefully pick myself up and drag myself towards the door. You ask me to wait and say its ok. The smile inside me, if on the face would have hit a new high. But ‘no’ i say, out of all the struggling approval the brain sends out. Its ok i’ll go and see you soon is what i say most of the time.

I step out of the door and remember something. ‘Oh yes! Here these are for you. I almost forgot to give them..’ It wasn’t necessary is what I always hear but then you never make a fuss. That twinkling smile can be seen again and most of the time thats the reason why I bring you your favorite chocolates.

We share a hug to part our ways till the next time when I visit the corner shop again.