I’m writing this note in an auto on my way back to the railway station.


I left the house on a day when you wouldn’t venture out. And to a place specially your not supposed to go if you don’t plan to get stuck.
But as destiny would have it (and i use ‘destiny’ cause it actually felt like having one) it was just ought to happen.
A day before i agreed to a meeting for today at 7pm not really striking me that its the day of the Ganesh immersions. Half heartedly i leave my studio from Vasai at 5:30pm to make it in time to Juhu if at all i could. All day was pleasant weather to actually willingly leave.
Trains were on time and only a few auto fellows denied before i took a trip to traffic land, a couple of minutes of open road and then it all began.

Even before entering Juhu gully you could see the road was jammed. We (the auto driver, the auto & me) managed to get a little ahead. Eventually we got halted in between a truck from front and one from behind both carrying Gods.

Cheering, excitement, dance and music from all around pouring in. People all over. Bystanders watching in glee. Some people inside the truck looking at me and wondering what the hell am i doing there.

Almost untroubled inside I was listening to the track change to ‘just my imagination’ on my pod. The colleague whom i was meeting messaged saying that he would be late, and since i didn’t know when i would reach, not mentioning of my whereabouts to him i told him to take his time.

Now over 15 minutes on that same road with every guy on it trying his own way to clear out the traffic. Somewhere in the middle of all this, if i can recall i did scream ‘ Ganpati Bapa Morya’ with a little bit of excitement.

After some good maneuvering the auto was out of the jam. All credit to the driver. To my destination and that too dot on time. Didn’t feel real, but it was. And not a minute in the jam did it feel wasted.

The meeting went of well & in an hour i was ready to leave and somehow wanting to get back into that undying spirit & say Goodbye to our City’s favorite God.

written on the 1st day of Ganesh Immersions last year – 2008