Running one might say is basically an absurd past time upon which to be exhausting ourselves.but if you can find meaning in the kind of running you have to do to stay in the race, chances are you’ll be able to find meaning in that other absurd past time, life.

Size doesn’t really matter. It is not the deciding factor. It is how you want to use what you have, to make that difference and some of them do.
A few of them run because others are running, hoping to possibly find a purpose for themselves.

In the start its always the longest strides, cause thats when you are the strongest. The body has the maximum stamina and the mind has the best concentration. Once begun there is only one possibility, that is to finish it.
For the highly determined that only possibility is extended to finish first.
For them there is nothing worse than being second best. Trying to get out of the crowd is a little difficult at the start cause everyone is at their best. Everyone’s trying to get ahead. Amongst all this a few break out with the smallest opportunity. Break out into their own to take the lead. For them finishing any other way is nothing but chicken shit.

This is the start of the between. When everyone behind is trying to catch up with the ones ahead. Other few manage to keep on going only by drifting of others.
Somewhere along the middle you realise your purpose and move on now with bold and consistent strides. The leader at this point is trying best to do nothing but keep the lead.

In a run there is always an end. Sometimes when the ones ahead start falling back is when you realise the end is close or its just time to catch up. A little more to the end. But it is this point that defines the purpose of your run. Its when you have given everything in you and still manage to squeeze that last bit out. When all your senses are forcing you to stop, you fight them with the last breath of hope. This is where you make the difference, where you stand above the rest. When you run without limits, And it is here that you will know yourself best.

And when its over the winner always takes it all but for some its never about winning or losing, its just to be a part of the run.