If the night was born of any other setting sun,
it would sleep in slumber peace amongst it’s guardian shining knights and ladies.

But the sun set on not a very welcoming night. It was wrongly written for the right reasons. It brought peace of a different kind.

A peaceful end to an illustrated voyage of many incomparable.

It had different knights and ladies who stood close illuminated with nothing but smiles. Hiding the fear of the imminent dawn of an unavoidable separation by time.

It all happened for it had to. But the sun still tries to assure me that it didn’t want to go down, and if it did… it wanted the night to wake up so it could begin new.

The night just seemed the longest for the sun…

For none of US ever wanted it to come to an end,
never seize to exist.

We wanted to seize the night.
we wanted that night to live forever.

Today, it is a changed era with new risings,
but as much as it finds settlement…

It is a change I don’t like.

~ To all the Xavierites