I think about you everyday, a lot off late.
there is no doubt that i miss you,
but it seems a little different now.

You remind me of all those precious memories.

I washed your favorite cup in which you loved to drink the tea i made.
those curtains that you picked for our home still look beautiful.
the books that you never let me touch.
No they haven’t got any dog ears as yet.

I’ve been taking care of them.

But I thought i’d burn them all, and so I could forget you.

When I got back, I accidently tore the shirt that you brought me,
and then I remembered the bed sheets that we put on the floor to sleep on.
The house that we built together.

I couldn’t get rid of all these things,
I couldn’t try and forget you even if I wanted to.
But I want to.

Cause it’s I who every morning wakes up to not find you sleeping next to me.
To see your sunshine smile when you open the curtains to the morning sun.
I can’t make that tea no more,
doesn’t taste the same without you.

I have to live with the pain of you gone,
and I can’t,

So I finally decided it was time.
I couldn’t live without you a second more.

And so I’m going ahead with it.

I’m coming to see you in heaven.

And I know that you’re waiting for me.