Seems like yesterday that i met you, had a nice chat over your favourite drink.Laughed through some of the time and then just sat thinking of what the other one says in the remaining one. But it wasn’t yesterday and it wasn’t anytime that such a thing happened. Your image though still is as fresh in my mind as the smell of the first rains. I see you smile and see you cry and see you sad and all the more happy.

Everyday you come across as if you own every moment of that time in my life and every moment of that day remains my highest point till the night is over. I can hear you clear like ripples in the middle of the open sea and i talk to you like a blind man to his stick. I talk about us and then you laugh at me. I dream about you and have my sweetest dreams, wish they never had to go away. If i were a singer i hope to sing to you tonight those dreams. If i were an artist i wish to paint you with the colors from my eyes .

Everyday I walk through the roads of uncertainity, knowing not if ever we……. But always hopefull. Someday i’ll stand in front of you hoping to laugh over this together,when you’ll know its me, but till then this is all i have to give you. My thoughts about you. I love you. I love you