Like a kiss on the cheeks with wet lips,
Parched summers contrasting trees on the sidewalk.
Wires hanging in plenty filling the space in the empty sky.
Ten feet riding on spokes with pedals fit for two.

Haunted sweet children laughing with void in thoughts,
Black umbrellas and hats standing close with bowed heads.
Crossed legs in caramel light listening to strings and glasses high,
Overcoat drenched with wine takes following of four paws.

Dripping drops of blood echoing far beyond the bustle,
Fray sounding whispers in corridors speak a different tongue.
Palms sliding over golden fields swaying to the gentle feet.
Bellman taking time to guide a thousand or more home.

Like painted smiles on the faces of hollow puppets,

We, silently missing everything in that playful smile.