I woke up this morning finding you. Knowing that you’ve left but I found a joy in finding you. I’m pondering over our absurd event last night. Every second counts when you’re with me. Your denial of me dropping you home. You agreeing for me to walk you out. And as we did, it rained and it all came down to that walk with an umbrella which I wouldn’t have had. Your voice standing out amongst a hundred raindrop splatters. Till the auto was all I could accompany you. You left. And as I walked back it wasn’t raining anymore.

The beauty was not the rain or the walk or even the umbrella but at that very moment when a few droplets came down and you raised your arms to cover your head and in that dusky amber tint.

I could see a few roll down from your forehead on to your face and it glittered like gold. You glittered like gold.