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If there is a word that you very well know the meaning of, it is ‘Hunger’

And so that’s how I will write.

For a long time now, my soul hungered for you. And when it did meet you it felt satiated. Not satisfied but satiated.
Now that you’ve gone, this hunger that is reborn for you is unbearable. You would know what it does to you. It does that and a lot more to me. This hunger drives me fucking crazy. Nothing else is good enough. No words are sound enough. No other touch is caressing enough. If I don’t see you soon, it kills me. That’s what hunger for you does to me.

It kills me.

Just a Jar


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I taught myself to love.
To love someone endlessly.
I made tiny jars and gave them to everyone filled with my love.

Then you came along.
And I could see that you needed love.
And so I created more of it to give you.
I made sure you never fell short of it.
I made sure that your jar was always kept full.

I saw you needed more and so I made sure you had the biggest jar there ever was. And even that I filled up for you. That kept you safe and happy. And it meant a lot to you.

Until one day, when you stopped coming to the jar. You stopped taking anything from it. And I didn’t know what to with all the love that I still have.

I wonder if you think of the jar like you used to. I wonder if you’ll ever come visit it.

I still keep it filled.



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This part,

Right this very moment. These seconds. I’d never want anyone to see.

I would not want anyone to retweet this, like this, share it publicly. I’d never want these moments to be instagram’d, none of them flickr’d. Not one single ounce of this becoming a post on some wall.


I’m keeping them, as a draft. A reminder. A note to self.

Don’t you love anyone else ever again.


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